Ice cold

When will I learn to stop,
stop giving them the damn control.

Every fucking time.
It never fails.

Oh here, light up my world,
send me to cloud nine.

Only to drag me straight down to hell
It never fucking fails. 

Why do I do this to myself?
Every single time,
I say I won’t let them in again,
yet it’s exactly what I do.

Here let me open my doors;
You just make yourself at home.
Rip my fucking world apart.

I’m so angry with myself.
Who gives a fuck if you’re lonely;
Get the fuck over it!
Stop wallowing in your self misery.

No one is ever going to come along
and make it better.
They will never be good enough for you.
Quit hoping for Mr.Perfect.
He’s dead. He doesn’t exist.

Tonight, I think I’m done.
Fuck them all. 
I won’t let them get close anymore.
They are mere drops of water
in an infinite ocean.

I’ll freeze my heart until it’s ice cold.
Not even the devil himself
could melt the mold.

| c.l.s | 2013

Cupcake Fever

Today’s a day
Just like any other
Except 9 months before
24 years ago this day
My father got cupcake fever
And found the prettiest baker
To satisfy his craving.
With all the right mixtures
And perfect cooking time
Came the sweetest cupcake
And so today, I think,
You should all
Have a cupcake on me.

| c.l.s | 2014